Feel Lighter


When people feel good, they look good.

Lily James

Think of something better you can do for yourself this month. In addition to your plans add a good old clear-out to your list. It is satisfying to keep your environment tidy and manageable. This is of benefit to your home and your well-being.  Here in the UK, space is an invaluable asset especially with the rising cost of housing.  


Unfortunately, one reason for clutter is hoarding or holding onto old stuff for longer than we should for reasons personal to us. This attachment eventually begins to feel like a weight and can become stressful.  When you dispose of stuff you do not need it will make you feel lighter, better and reduce stress.


You can whip your home into shape by tackling things methodically from one room to the other. You have a number of choices to disposing your unwanted items, either by throwing them away, donate, give someone who you know would like your stuff or you can sell them. In the end you will be in control of your possessions not your possessions controlling you.


Taking control of your mind will require the same principle to gain headspace and increased energy.


To feel lighter free your mind from the past, throw all the unpleasant memories in the bin and start to create the new life you want. You will definitely feel good.

What would you like to do for yourself in the coming month? 


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